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Welcome to SORAnomics and the SORA economy, the alternative to capitalism and communism.

A new economic system based on a new economic science

Decentralized and democratic. For society, by society.

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No money? No Job? No Problem!

Social Resource Allocation or SORA is a hyperlocal social free trade system based on Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, positioned as an alternative to Capitalism, Communism, and even the Commercial System itself. This new system comes from our proposed science called SORAnomics, derived from the works of the Scottish Enlightenment, specifically those of Adam Smith and David Hume. Our science is based on human nature instead of materialism which is the foundation of both Economics and Communism.


Society works for businessmen

"The market equilibrium comes at that price and quantity where the forces of supply and demand are in balance. At the equilibrium price, the amount that buyers want to buy is just equal to the amount that sellers want to sell. The reason that we call this equilibrium is that, when supply and demand are in balance, there is no reason for price to rise or fall, as long as other things remain unchanged."   Economics


Businessmen work for Society

"Nothing can be more absurd than this doctrine of the balance of trade [modern equilibrium]. This doctrine supposes that when two places trade with one another, neither of them loses or gains if the balance be even. But if it leans in any degree to one side, that one of them loses and the other gains, in proportion to its declension from the exact equilibrium. Both suppositions are false. A trade which is naturally carried on between any two places is always advantageous, though not always equally so, to both."   Wealth of Nations Book 4


Society works for work

"Within the co-operative society based on common ownership of the means of production, the producers do not exchange their products; just as little does the labor employed on the products appear here as the value of these products, as a material quality possessed by them, since now, in contrast to capitalist society, individual labor no longer exists.. The phrase "proceeds of labor"..thus loses all meaning.'   Critique of the Gotha Programme Part 1

Will your business survive the Great Stagflation?

Economic booms have always been followed by crises. Our system maps supply chains from the bottom up in order to maintain businesses and employment whatever the economic situation.

Inflation-Resistant. Poverty-Free. Bubble-proof.

SORA is based on An Enquiry into The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. It shifts the foundation of the economy from arbitrary money and finance into objective data and subjective fellow-feeling (via moral sentiments). It replaces cold customer-supplier Enterprise Resource Planning relationships with warm friends-and-family social networks. It only fails when society fails.

Increase Real Profits. Find Customers and Suppliers.

Since SORA is data-driven instead of money-driven, users can increase real profits by reducing the use of money through semi-barter transactions, or by increasing sales (such as disposing of excess capacity) through its economic social network. Get wealthy through 'real' arbitrage instead of 'nominal' arbitrage, and by reducing the use of the expensive financial system by piggybacking onto the existing telecoms system.

Crisis-ready. Works in all conditions.

SORA is also based on David Hume's Treatise of Human Nature and Plato's Republic which describe human social cycles. We regard crises as anomalies which happen when one social cycle transitions into another in a non-smooth manner. Our system aims to predict socio-economic crises using our own SORAnomic data to reduce or prevent socioeconomic losses.

Our goal: Socio-economic Singularity

Many economic problems can be solved by making 'economic agents' work together. We use technology to make it happen by solving all economic pain points through ISAIAH or the Impartial Spectator Automated Intelligence Aggregation Host, which runs SORA Match, our personality matching service

Everything in an economy, all in one place

SORA is a complete economic system made up of different apps and APIs

SORA Books

A platform to buy, sell, and rent books to support SORA Learn. Amazon started by selling books, so we thought we would do the same. Deployed

SORA Jobs, Fix, and Talent

An employment platform directly connected to SORA Learn and Apprentice. Deployed

SORA Market and Trade

A hyperlocal products and commodities platform. Can scale to cross-border trade to implement Adam Smith's free trade system. Target year: 2026

SORA Land, Spaces, and Park

A real estate platform with a parking space finder. Will assess real land values in real time. Target year: 2022

SORA Power, Water, and Telecom

A utilities marketplace where suppliers are on a level playing field. Target year: 2025

SORA Events

A hyperlocal events platform. Target year: 2020

SORA Health

A healthcare, insurance, and medicines marketplace for both Western and traditional medicine. Target year: 2024


We allow animal users to avail of SORA Health and Jobs because work animals have labor rights in Smith's system. Semi-deployed

SORA Zoom, Machines, and Gears

A hyperlocal vehicle, machinery, and spare parts marketplace. Also part of the free trade system. Target year: 2026

SORA Eats, Drinks, and Food

A hyperlocal food and drinks marketplace and booking platform that works with or without money. Target year: 2022

SORA Indicators

A free analytics platform for SORA data showing GDP and Purchasing Power in real time. Target year: 2027


A semi-automated taxation system that follows the Roman tax farming system implemented online via modern publicani to make taxation easy and reduce corruption. This will be the final component of SORA. Target year: 2027
Offline Mode

Works Offline Too

SORA is based on Adam Smith's requirements written over 200 years ago. In fact, the Incas and Mongols were able to create empires in harsh environments using moneyless systems which were studied by Smith.

Plano Carpino was a monk sent as ambassador from the King of France to one of Genghis Khan's sons. The Mongols asked him frequently if there was plenty of sheep and oxen in France. Like the Spaniards, they wanted to know if the country was rich enough to be worth conquering. Among the Mongols who are ignorant of the use of money, cattle are the instruments of commerce and the measures of value. Wealth to them consisted in cattle, as to the Spaniards it consisted in gold and silver. Of the two, the Mongol notion, perhaps, was the nearest to the truth. (Wealth of Nations Book 4, Chapter 1)

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Designed for humans anywhere

Perhaps the harshest environment for humans are other planets where even breathable air is hard to come by. This makes oxygen, water, and energy essential measures of value, just as food is the measure of value in SORA.

A Great Idea

SORA was selected in the Top 20 of the ASEAN's Next Great Idea contest in 2016 out of 400 startups in Southeast Asia

MAGIC group

Feedback from Senior Academics

Gavin Kennedy
I believe it is developing into a worthwhile project.

Prof. Gavin Kennedy (Edinburgh Business School), a world expert on Adam Smith

Dhanjoo Ghista
I very much like this work: A Research Proposal For The Formalization Of The Science Of SORAnomics And The Establishment Of A Social Resource Allocation System.

Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista (University 2020 Foundation president)