Invest in the people

SORA Learn is a social education system designed for revenue and society-building

Learn and get employed, without the debt

Students pay with their work

The current certificate-based educational system allows people to get degrees without learning anything useful while the universities earn a lot. SORA Learn fixes this by bringing back the apprenticeship system espoused by Adam Smith, wherein students learn on the job and pay with their output.

"A young man’s education would be more effective, less tedious and expensive if he began working diligently as a journeyman. He would be paid in proportion to the little work he could do." Wealth of Nations Book 1, Chap 10 ​

A system that can end hunger and poverty

SORA Learn allows skills to be gradually transferred from skilled to unskilled people, leading to development and increased revenue for society.

Works Offline Too

SORA is based on Adam Smith's requirements which were written over 200 years ago before electricity was used. Below is an illustration of how it will work offline.

Offline Mode

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