The Simplified Wealth of Nations of Adam Smith: Introduction

Introduction and plan of the work


1 The annual labour of every nation is the fund which supplies it with the necessaries and conveniencies of life produced at home or purchased from other nations.

2 The nation will be better or worse supplied with all the necessaries and conveniencies according to the proportion of this produce to the number of consumers.

3 This proportion is regulated by:

The abundance of the national annual supply must depend on those two circumstances, regardless of its soil, climate, or territory.

4 This supply depends more on the quality than quantity of workers.

5 Book 1 explains:

6 Whatever the state of the quality of the workers, the national annual supply must depend on the proportion of the number of useful labour employed to the number of those not so employed during that state.

Book 2 explains:

7 Productive nations have followed very different plans in the direction of their labour. 8 Those different plans were perhaps created by vested interests by certain orders without any regard to their consequences on society. 9 The first four books explain the nature and components of the revenue of society that supplies its annual consumption.
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