Simplified Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, Book 4, Chapter 2d: Restoring Free Trade

Chapter 2d: Restoring Free Trade

40 It may be deliberated how to properly restore the free importation of foreign goods after it has been interrupted, especially when its local monopoly already employs so many people. This might create a very big disorder.
  1. 41 All those manufactured exports, without a bounty, to other European countries, could be very little affected by the freest importation of foreign goods.
  1. 42 Many people would be immediately thrown out of their ordinary employment by the restoration of free trade.
43 It is absurd to expect that the freedom of trade should ever be entirely restored in Great Britain.

If the army officers opposed any reduction of their forces with the zeal and unanimity that our master manufacturers have against laws that increase their rivals in the home-market:

This monopoly has so much increased their numbers that, like an overgrown army, they have become formidable to the government.

44 The owner of a big manufacture would suffer very much from the sudden competition of foreigners. 45 In Book 5, Chapter 2, I shall consider how far taxes can be properly imposed on imported goods to raise a revenue for government.
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