The Simplified Wealth of Nations of Adam Smith, Book 1, Chapter 3: Division of Labour is limited by market size

Chapter 3: Division of Labour is Limited by the Extent of the Market

The Most Important Factor That Leads To The Division Of Labour In Society

1 Since the power of exchanging creates the division of labour, the extent of the market must always limit that division. 2 There are some industries possible only in a great town.

How Shipping Increased The Division Of Labour In Ancient Civilizations

3 Water carriage opens up industry to more markets than land-carriage. 4 The advantages of water-carriage led to the natural improvement of art and industry earlier near the water than the inland parts of the country. 5 The first civilized nations in written history were those around the Mediterranean coast.
6 Egypt was the first of the countries on the Mediterranean coast to develop agriculture or manufactures.
7 Bengal and Eastern China also had early improvements in agriculture and manufactures.
8 All the inland parts of Africa and North Asia were barbarous then and now.
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