The Simplified Wealth of Nations of Adam Smith, Book 1, Chapter 2: Cause of Division of Labour

Chapter 2: The cause of Division of Labour

1 This division of labour is not originally the effect of any human wisdom. 2 This propensity to trade probably arises from our faculty for reason and speech more than being an original principle of human nature.

No animal ever naturally traded. When an animal wants something from another animal, it tries to gain its favour.

Man sometimes does the same with other men, sometimes trying every servile attention to obtain their good will. 3Our propensity to trade for what we need, creates the division of labour in society.

The Difference Between Humans And Animals

4 The difference of natural talents in men is the effect of the division of labour.

Humans Can Benefit Each Other, Animals Cannot

5 This disposition to trade forms the difference of talents and renders them useful.