Book 1: The causes of productivity & how produce is naturally distributed

Chap 1: Division Of Labour

Chap 2: The cause of the division of labour

Chap 3: Division of labour is limited by the extent of the market

Chap 4: Of The origin and use of money

Chap 5: Real (labour) and nominal (money) price of commodities

Chap 6: The component parts of the price of commodities

Chap 7: The natural and market price of commodities

 Chap 8: The Wages of Labour

Chap 9: Profits

Chap 10: Inequality in Wages and profit in the different employments

  1. Part 1: Inequalities from the Nature of Business and Employments
  2. The policies that affect employment or business
    1. Apprenticeships
    2. Corporations
    3. Wage Subsidies
    4. Poor Laws and Restrictions on immigration

Chap 11: Rent

  • Chapter Conclusion