Useful Free Tools 2018

Useful Free Tools for the Web 2018

Here are some free online tools that we use at SORA to develop our app and websites. I've put up this list for my own use in case I have to scrub data using a different computer, like the ones in internet cafes

Tool Purpose
Cloudinary Free Image, Video, File Hosting. Has a faster CDN than Kraken or Sirv
Pexels Free Images
Cloudflare Content Deliver Network
Observatory Scan your website for vulnerabilities
SSL Test Check your SSL
Tawk to Messaging client, lighter than Crisp
Font Awesome Free Icons
Remove Line Breaks remove line breaks in text
Word to HTML convert Word to HTML
Open Ports check which ports are open
Heroku Deploy web servers (needs credit card)
NASA Lat Long Finder Latitude and Longitude Finder based on Address data
Remove Letter Accents Useful for non-english text
ERB to Slim HTML to slim converter
Load Impact and Loader Stress-test your site
Nibbler Check your site
Lucidcharts Make graphs for free
Pingdom Test check site load speed
Lighthouse in Chrome check site performance